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Aerospace AS9101

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ISO Pros welcome you to the hub of ISO standard implementation, training, auditing, and related consultation. The ISO standard certification increases your market value and improves the overall trust that people have in you.

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Manufacturing, supplying, or functioning as per the ISO standards can be helpful for your customers and for you. The standards are set up to ensure the suitable Quality of the products and processes.

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What is Aerospace AS9101?

Let’s dig into some details. You must know exactly which standard you are looking forward to getting certified for and what guidelines the standard has.  Published by the SAE, Aerospace AS1901 is an international level standard that involves audit requirements for Defense and aerospace organizations. With AS9101, you can effectively conduct as well as plan audits for AS9110, AS9120, and AS9100 standards.

AS9101 simply defines the requirements for Space Defense and Aviation or organizations. The certification body makes use of such assessments to manage or display the report once the audit is complete. There is a checklist that involves all the clauses directed by the AS9100. These points or checklists are checked while the audit is going on within the company. A scoring mechanism is used to determine the effectiveness of QMS systems.

There are various versions of AS9101. And AS9101 Rev F is the most recent version of the standard. The latter one is still used in QMS systems, which have yet not updated or transitioned.  If you want to list your organization under the OASIS or Online Aerospace Supplier Information System, this is quite important for you to follow. The AS9101 test results or assessments are listed in the database open to access by the customers.

This way, the customers or consumers can determine the overall effectiveness of the organization’s implementation regarding the desired standard.

Why Should You Go For Any ISO standards in the First Place?

ISO standards are not something fancy. It’s something you cannot survive without in the current market trends. Only and the only benefits exist for ISO standardization. So, you can easily invest your time and efforts with us to get the desired certification.

Get Better Business Proposals: When you are an ISO certified company, it raises your position. It's a kind of trademark that assures good Quality to your customers or clients. And it simply means you'll get more business.

Competitive Touch: If your organization is ISO certified, believe it or not, you will have a competitive touch. The companies won't hesitate from approaching you instead of going with others who don' have ISO certification with them.

Client Retention: No one likes to let clients go. We know that you are no exception. With such high standards, no one will ever think of leaving your organization and prefer some other one.

Process Effectiveness: The ISO standards direct you to follow certain regulations. This may sound a bit strict, but it's for your own good. You can acknowledge the improvement in your business processes once you implement the ISO standard.

Effective Expenditures: Money is what you might give the most importance to. And, you can save ample with the standardization procedures. Once you take good consultation and training from our company, everything will become flawless. There won't be any dead process that sucks your budget.

Productivity & Efficiency: When you work as per the guidelines, the process sounds more professional. The implementation, operation, and execution are foundations of any business. And, when everything is as per the standards, you will produce more effectively.

The Need of Aerospace AS9101 Certification

If you are someone associated with the aviation industry, this certification is important for you and your suppliers, if you manufacture. These days, companies demand AS9101 certification before engaging in any business related to the Aerospace industry.

Take the example of the United States Department of Defense, NASA, and other aerospace giants. They all have mandated for their suppliers to have the AS9101 certification without exception. Although the AS9101 requires you to determine a few facts during the audit process, you still have to ensure the Quality of your products as per other standards.

Each process within your organization should be audited for ensuring the following points: –

  • Process Identification and Definition: Every process within your organization must be defined and implemented properly. Otherwise, you may lose points in your audit.
  • Responsibilities: During every audit, ownership of tasks and responsibilities are duly checked.
  • Procedures: An Auditor will examine whether or not every documented procedure is maintained and implemented as required.
  • Results: The auditors may even check whether or not the desired results are achieved.

What are some Processes Which the AS9101 Checks for?

The aerospace industry is not something you can take lightly. The AS9100 offers certain standards for every related organization to follow. And, the AS9101 forms a checklist of certain requirements which an organization has to fulfill.

The AS9100 has some standards which you may fulfill: –

  • Consistent Quality and traceability
  • Decision making that is Face-Based
  • Regular or Dynamic Improvement Process
  • Relationships based on Mutual Satisfaction with the product suppliers

Risk Management

The AS9101 has guidelines to check for risk management as well as assessment. It’s quite important to follow the AS9100 standards or set of requirements if you want your audit to go successfully.

  • Buying the Product

There are some standards one has to follow while purchasing a product from their supplier. It deals with the necessary information given to the vendors before the verification process.

  • Product Design and Development

The process includes validation and verification of products as per the documented rules. Also, it involves rigorous testing on each stage.

Designs, as you may know, involve written verification. It includes a layout of the product on paper to measure the metrics, inputs. It’s important to check whether or not the product is manufactured in accordance with the industry standards.

Validation brings real-time testing. A prototype of the product is formed. It’s done to test how well a product works as per the latest complex design.

Quality is of the utmost importance in every phase of manufacturing or production. It involves measure related to the processes which do not conform well. Please find some elements added as per the recent update.

  • Prevention of Rejected Parts
  • Products related Quality and Safety
  • Addition of new awareness clause to determine the individual input in a product production
  • More emphasis on risk management than most other processes
  • More stress on what the stakeholder needs or wants

You must know that AS9101 is a majorly a checklist of what AS9100 puts forward. We have listed some points above, which you must know will be assessed by the auditors as per AS9101.

Some Services Related to ISO 19011

Outsourced Internal Auditing: You may not have ample time or the required resource to run audits successfully. In such cases, you can outsource your internal audits to experts like us for better results.

Virtual Internal Audits: We are a modern-day company. We are automated and digital. You cannot always stay in the office, right? But it never means you can delay the ISO processes.

With our downloadable tools, we can help you get through the process with virtual auditing. It involves the use of digital assets that make the process flawless.

Second Party Audits: When you want to ensure the Quality of your service provider, the second party audits can help. These are a kind external audits performed by other organizations like us on your behalf.

Supplier Audits: When you want your supplier to be the best and want only great quality products, you can run the supplier Audits.

These are some services that we at ISO Pros provide in relation to the ISO standard 19011. To know more about other services, please contact our experts.

Why ISO Pros?

There exist many companies that provide the auditing, implementations, consultation, and training services related to the ISO standards. Still, the organizations choose us over others, why? Here are a few reasons: –

Our Compatibility:

Our auditors, consultants, and implementation experts are certified for a huge range of ISO standards. So, if you are associated with multiple organizations, you don’t have to run around and find a different company for each standard. We have professionals that are suited for many ISO standards, AS9101 being one of the many specialties. If you want to know more about other standards we specialize in, please contact our support team

Pricing and Experience

You can’t just hand over the auditing or the ISO implementation process in the hands of a company that’s pretty new in the field, right? And, that is why people come to us. Our extensive experience in the respective field and the exposure makes us perfect in the profession.

We know what documents or procedures are necessary to help you get certifications as per the International standards. We also know what flaws one must ignore so as to prevent any shortcomings in the implementation process. Our auditors, trainers, and consultants are certified and have exactly what you need. So, choosing us won’t be a bad decision ever.

Regarding the pricing, we may not offer the lowest price. However, we offer a competitive price with the utmost Quality. We know how internal audits can harm your progress and productivity. And that is the reason you should call us right now and hire us.

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